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(LV5) 5日 下羚羊彩穴、大峽谷南緣、大峽谷西緣、拉斯維加斯 5 Days Lower Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon West Rim + South Rim, Las Vegas

Day 1    City of Departure > Las Vegas

Option 1: Take the tour bus departing from San Francisco, head for Las Vegas with tour guide.
Option 2: Take the Fengyun express  from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, disembark at Tropicana hotel Las Vegas, after 3:00PM self check-in at Excalibur hotel & Casino Las Vegas(Address: 3850 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109)
Option 3: Fly to Las Vegas. (Airfare not included.) After 3:00PM self check-in at Excalibur Hotel & Casino Las Vegas
Hotels : Excalibur Hotel & Casino or similar

Day 2   Las Vegas > Grand Canyon West Rim(Guests may board a different bus from our cooperated tour operator for the route)

Depart from Las Vegas hotel heading towards the famous Grand Canyon West Rim. Approximately 2.5-hour one way of driving from Las Vegas, we will spend about 4 hours on the site. Managed by the Hualapai Tribe, Grand Canyon West is famous for the Skywalk, located at the far western end of Grand Canyon. Walking on the Skywalk (optional fee), you can see the bottom of the canyon right beneath your feet from 4000 feet above. You may also board a helicopter (optional) for canyon flyovers and descend and land 3500 feet into the Hualapai Indian Territory within the Grand Canyon.
Hotes:Excalibur Hotel  & Casino or similar

Day 3  
Las Vegas 280 miles Antelope Canyon(Lower Antelope)(Guests may board a different bus from our cooperated tour operator for the route)

You will depart from Las Vegas in the morning and arrive at Antelope Canyon during its prime time.   Antelope Canyon is located at northern Arizona and is one of the world’s most well-known slot canyons.  Through millions of years of natural weathering, the soft sandstones are chiseled into the unique visual marvel it is today.  Erosion via floods and impactful winds formed the wide corridors as well as file the stone walls into the smooth, water-like surface, one of the canyon’s defining features that should not be missed.
After you bid your farewell to Antelope Canyon, hop back on the bus for a short 10 minute ride.  Arrive at the beautiful Horseshoe bend, yet another fantastic sight of nature to behold.  Near the edge of the cliff at 4,200 ft above sea level is where the entire  panoramic view of the bend can be seen.  Only then will you truly realize the uncanny craftsmanship of nature that has been laid out before your very eyes.  Finally, you will then be returned to Las Vegas with your sensory intake already maxed out for the night and left with an unforgettable journey.

Hotels:Excalibur Hotel  & Casino or similar

Day 4   Las Vegas 280 miles Grand Canyon South Rim> Las Vegas

We will visit the majestic Grand Canyon South Rim. You will be able to see the dramatic view and deep inner gorge of the Colorado River. Enjoy Desert Views, Yavapai Point and Mather point. You can also explore the spectacular view of Grand Canyon at Lookout Studio or walking on the short trail. This tour allows you to see more of the South Rim from three different viewpoints - unlike the other regular 1 day tours from Las Vegas where you will spend 10 hours on the road with only one hour in the park. You may also take a helicopter ride (optional fee) for canyon flyovers and watch an I-Max film(optional fee). We will head to Las Vegas in the afternoon, where you may join an optional night tour and enjoy one of the city’s famous shows.
Hotels : Excalibur Hotel & Casino or similar

Day 5
 Las Vegas > Next Destination

Option 1: Take a bus ride with tour guide from Las Vegas to Bay area. (If Day 1 go to Las Vegas on your own and would like to take a ride to Los Angeles or San Francisco on Day 5, bus fare $35 /person.)
Option 2: Self check-out the hotel room. Take Fengyun express 12:10PM at Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas back to Los Angeles.
Option 3: Self check-out the hotel room. Take a flight to your next destination. (Transportation to the airport and airfare not included.)


Day 1   出發城市 City of Departure>拉斯维加斯 Las Vegas

方案1:乘坐旅遊巴士從舊金山灣區出發, 導遊帶領前往世界之最的沙漠之星賭城。
方案2:乘坐賭城快線巴士從洛杉磯出發,抵達Tropicana Las Vegas後下車,步行至神劍賭場酒店Excalibur Hotel & Casino Las  Vegas(地址:3850 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109),下午三點後自行辦理入住手續。
酒店: Excalibur Hotel & Casino 或同級

Day 2  拉斯維加斯 Las Vegas> 125 miles 大峽谷西緣  Grand Canyon West Rim
> 拉斯維加斯 Las Vegas (可能須與同業拼團)

酒店: Excalibur Hotel & Casino 或同級

Day 3  拉斯維加斯Las Vegas 280 miles 羚羊彩穴(下羚羊谷)Antelope Canyon(Lower Antelope) > 拉斯維加斯 Las Vegas (可能須與同業拼團 )

酒店: Excalibur Hotel & Casino 或同級

Day 4  拉斯維加斯Las Vegas 280 miles 大峽谷南緣Grand Canyon South Rim > 拉斯維加斯 Las Vegas (可能須與同業拼團 )

前往世界七大自然奇景之一【大峽谷南緣】。南大峽谷深達7000英尺,景區的遊覽面積最廣落差最大。特有的停留時間充分的俯瞰宏偉的峽谷景觀。領略獨特的【Desert view】 瞭望臺感嘆科羅拉多河的宏偉和壯麗,古老的【Mather Point】、【Yavapai Point】,漫步在悠長的步道上領略峽谷的神奇地貌。可(自費)乘坐直升機更全面的飽覽大峽谷的雄偉壯觀或(自費)看巨幕I-Max電影。下午返回拉斯維加斯,可(自費)參加夜遊或歌舞秀。
酒店: Excalibur Hotel & Casino 或同級

Day 5  拉斯維加斯 Las Vegas>目的地城市 Next Destination

方案2:洛杉磯出發的旅客自行辦理退房後步行至Tropicana Hotel Las Vegas乘坐12:10PM賭城快線巴士返回洛杉磯。


Pick-up Location


庫比梯諾 Cupertino

10122 Bandley Dr.  (Marina Foods 永和超市 - 品客多門口)


聖荷西 San Jose

1688 Hostetter Road  (99 Ranch Market 大華99超市 門口)


佛利蒙 Fremont

46196 Warm Springs Blvd.  (Marina Foods 永和超市門口)


利弗莫爾   Livermore

2774 Livermore Outlets Dr (名牌折扣購物中心巴士停車區)


伯靈格姆   Burlingame

777 Airport Blvd.  (Red Roof Inn 紅房頂旅館大堂)


密爾布瑞   Millbrae

199 California Dr. #199  (Millbrae 火車站 / Bart 站旁)


三藩市  San Francisco

291 Geary & Powell, Union Square  (聯合廣場 面對 Macy's 門口)


屋侖 Oakland

718 Franklin Street ( Ruby King Bakery Cafe 金寶石餅家門口)



拉斯維加斯夜遊: 大人 $35 / 小孩 (12歲以下) $25
拉斯維加斯大型歌舞秀: 普通$90 / 貴賓VIP $110, ◆ KÀ秀: 普通$160 / 貴賓VIP $180, ◆ Le Rêve秀: 普通$160 / 貴賓VIP $180
南峽: $90(大人小孩同價)
南峽 IMAX: $14(大人小孩同價)
南峽直昇機: $240(大人小孩同價)
西峽: $80(不包午餐,大人小孩同價) $90(包午餐,大人小孩同價)
玻璃橋: $30 (大人小孩同價)
直昇機+遊船: $220(大人小孩同價)
西峽谷直昇機空中遊覽(13-15分鐘): $188/人(大人小孩同價 )
下羚羊彩穴 : $126(不包午餐,大人小孩同價) $136(包午餐,大人小孩同價)

*行程中所有餐飲費用 (旅行途中導遊可以安排膳食,自費)
*所有私人性質的花費 (例如購物費用、電話費、收費電視等等)
*為維護行程之順暢 , 本公司保有改變行程之權利
*為維護團體最高利益, 任何旅客若有妨礙團體正常活動及利益情況, 包括反覆影響他人情緒, 本公司導遊有權利取消其繼續參加之資格旅費恕不奉還, 一切行為自行負責均與本公司無涉

* We reserve the right to adjust the itinerary
* We reserve the right to cancel the tour of any person who displays disruptive behavior which repeatedly hinders the enjoyment and comfort of other tour members, at anytime anywhere. No refund will be given and we will not responsible of the consequences of their conduct.

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