(PMLS4) 4日 17哩, 斯坦福大學, 矽谷, Livermore Outlet, 舊金山市區遊 4 Days 17 Mile, Stanford, Livermore Outlet, Silicon Valley, San Francisco Package Tour - The Legend Holidays

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(PMLS4) 4日 17哩, 斯坦福大學, 矽谷, Livermore Outlet, 舊金山市區遊 4 Days 17 Mile, Stanford, Livermore Outlet, Silicon Valley, San Francisco Package Tour

Day 1 Arrive in San Francisco
Arrive SFO Airport, meet tour guide in the Airport at exit area. Then head to hotel for free time. Dinner on your own. Pick up is 9AM to 6PM local time. For after hour pick up, the fee is $65/passenger for the first two persons, from the 3rd and after is $10/passenger. Or you may choose to take FREE Hotel Courtesy Shuttles (24-hour operated), which located at the Hotel Courtesy Shuttle island on the center island of the Departures Level roadway at all terminals. telephone to contact the hotel are available in the shelters at each zone.
If your flight is delayed or changed, please call us immediately to arrange new pick-up time, otherwise you may be charged additional fees.

Day 2 Montery Bay and 17 Mile
Visit the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium to discover the secret lives of over 500 species of animals, plants, and their habitats, and enjoy seeing their special scheduled exhibitions (optional). Then take a stroll on the historic Old Fisherman‘s Wharf, and see Cannery Row – famous for its defunct sardine canning factories and named in honor of John Steinbeck’s novel, Cannery Row. Enjoy the scenic route of the 17 Mile Drive through Pebble Beach; much of which embraces the coastline and passes through the legendary Lone Cypress to the famed eighteenth green of Pebble Beach Golf Links and mansions. Visit Carmel, a town in Monterey County that‘s known for its natural scenery and rich artistic history. Tonight, we will stay in Bay Area.

Day 3 Stanford University - Silicon Valley - Livermore Premium Outlets
Visit the 8,180-acre campus Stanford University located right in the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States and the world. Then head to famous Silicon Valley, the world-leading hub for high-tech innovation and development businesses, contributing 1/3 of all of the venture capital investment in the United States. Visit the industry leaders such as Google, Apple, Intel, HP, Facebook, Cisco, etc. Then visit the newest, largest, and most high-end outlets in the Bay Area – Livermore Premium Outlets. Shop the famous luxury brands around the world: Prada, Armani, Burberry (coming soon), Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie & Fitch, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, Guess, Nine West, Nike, Converse, Puma, etc. Some of the prices of these luxury products could be super low and you will be delightfully surprised!

Day 4 San Francisco City Tour - Hometown
Enjoy a full day of guided tour in America’s favorite city with all its amazing cultural and historical attractions. Itinerary includes famous scenic spots like Union Square, City Hall, Fisherman’s Wharf (Bay Cruise optional), Lombard Street, Palace of Fine Arts, Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Twin Peaks and Alamo Square. Also we will pass by other places such as Chinatown, Financial District, Castro Street, St. Mary’s Cathedral and more. After the tour, head to SFO airport for the flight to hometown.
(Please arrange your flight depart after 9:00PM.)

Day 1 抵達舊金山Arrive in San Francisco
自原居地飛往舊金山國際機場,接機送往酒店後為自由活動時間,請客人自行用餐。免費接機時間為當地時間9AM–6PM。其他時間抵達需加收額外接機費用,頭兩人$65,第三人及以後為每人$10。您也可於機場每個航站樓二層(國際航站樓三層)的路邊中心島上搭乘24小時免費接駁巴士(Hotel Courtesy Shuttles)前往酒店休息,為隨後精彩的行程養精蓄銳。$3/人的司機小費。如班機延誤或更動,請立即通知本公司以方便另外安排接機,否則一切額外費用將由客人自行負擔。

Day 2 蒙特利海灣十七英哩Monterey 17 Miles

Day 3 斯坦福大學Stanford University - 矽谷Silicon Valley - 名品購物中心Livermore Outlets
驅車前往遊覽全世界聞名遐邇的高新科技園區——矽谷。在享譽全球的穀歌/科高(Google)、蘋果(Apple)、英特爾(Intel)、惠普(HP)、臉書(Facebook)、思科(Cisco)等頂尖高科技公司氣派非常的門前留下自己的足跡。繼而來到斯坦福大學,感受深厚濃郁的學術人文氣息。繼而前往灣區規模最大、名牌最多、檔次最高的頂級奧特萊斯名牌購物廣場——全新奢華打造的Livermore Premium Outlets,讓旅客用最優惠的價格買到世界最著名的奢侈品牌:普拉達(Prada)、阿瑪尼(Armani)、博柏利(Burberry)、寇馳(Coach)、拉夫•勞倫馬球(Polo Ralph Lauren)、鱷魚(Lacoste)、CK (Calvin Klein)、李維斯(Levi’s)、湯米•席爾菲格(Tommy Hilfiger)、A&F (Abercrombie & Fitch)、MK (Michael Kors)、凱特絲蓓(Kate Spade)、橘滋(Juicy Couture)、古斯(Guess)、玖熙(Nine West)、耐克(Nike)、匡威(Converse)、彪馬(Puma)等等。數不勝數的名牌商鋪一定會讓旅客目不暇接,而價格卻竟比中國市場價格的一半還要低!

Day 4 舊金山市區觀光 - 原居地

   - 空調豪華商務車
   - 經濟型酒店(房間以兩張雙人床為主,第三第四人同房不另加床)
   - 17哩門票

    舊金山海灣遊輪: 大人$28 / 小孩 (5-17歲) $20    
    蒙特利海灣水族館: 大人$42 / 小孩 (3-12歲) $30,3歲以下免費


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