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US East Coast and East Canada 美國及加拿大東岸

The US East Coast and East Canada bus tour will take you to New York City, Philadelphia, Niagara Falls, Washington D.C., Toronto, Thousand Islands, Ottawa, Montreal, Upper Manhattan, Little Italy, SoHo, West Point Military Academy, and the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, and Boston... It is not only a sightseeing tour, but also a good chance for you to know much more about the history of the United States. From New York City, many attractions such as Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art; to the Quincy Market in Boston. You will feel excited when you see the busy Manhattan and beautiful nature of Niagara Falls....
最短時間內暢遊 — 紐約市、華盛頓、費城、尼加拉瀑布、波士頓、康寧玻璃中心、水牛城、加拿大多倫多、渥太華、滿地可、魁北克、尼加拉瀑布、千島勝地、波士頓,中央公園,大都會博物館,哥倫比亞大學,中國城,SOHO區,小義大利區,西點軍校,Woodbury名牌直銷市場 ...

限時優惠,提早30天報名及付費,可享八折 !

連結: 美東公司網頁
Link to: East Coast Company Website

*  報名查詢, 請致電 415-386-1300, 或電郵 INFO@TLHOLIDAYS.COM

*  團費以每人計算, 本公司保留更改價格之權利. 團費不包機票 (如有) , 不包餐, 不包門票, 不包小費. 如有任何問題, 歡迎查詢.

*  Please call us at 415-386-1300 or send email to: info@tlholidays.com for detail or reservation.
*  Above tour fare doesn't include air-ticket (if applied) , meal, admissions and tips.
*  Price is subject to change without notice. We reserve the rights to change the price and itinerary.



: 機票,餐費,景點門票費,小費(每人每天$10),私人性質費用(如酒店電話費,洗衣費等)

Scenic Spots Notes:

  (1) Itinerary will be subject to change ccording to
traffic and weather condition. The sequence of the attractions might be changed according to actual and practical situation for better service.
  (2) In case of attraction closures (due to holidays or construction, etc.), tour guide may make some necessary changes to the itinerary accordingly.
Refund Remarks:

  (1) If the weather condition, war, general strikes and other unforeseen circumstances interrupt the journey, our company reserve the right to rearrange the journey without refunding the tour fee.    
  (2) If visitors cannot join the tour because of personal reason, the fee for hotels and transportation is not refundable.
Tour fee excludes:
air-tickets, meals, attractions tickets, service fee ($10 per person per day), and any private costs (such as hotel telephone charges, laundry etc.)

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