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(YA10) 10日 黃石公園、羚羊彩穴、布萊斯峽谷、北峽谷、拉斯維加斯、洛杉磯 10 Days Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon, Las Vegas & Southern California Tour

Day 1 Bay Area > 93 miles > Sacramento > 420 miles > Elko
Depart San Francisco for Sacramento in the morning, and visit the California State Capitol building. Lodging in Elko.

Day 2 Elko > 430 miles > Yellowstone National Park
Taking the scenic route alongside Snake River to enter Idaho State. we will visit Yellowstone Bear World, a privately- owned wildlife park at noon time and arrive at Yellowstone National Park in the afternoon. explore some of the most astonishing attractions in the world. 30 minutes at the Upper Geyser Basin Area: Silex Spring, Fountain Paint Pot, Clepsydra Geyser, etc.; 40 minutes at the Midway Geyser Area: Grand Prismatic Spring, Excelsior Geyser, Turquoise Pool, etc.; 50 minutes at the famous Old Faithful Geyser. Lodging in Montana.

Day 3 Yellowstone National Park > 77 miles > Grand Teton National Park > 110 miles > Idaho falls
We will explore more of Yellowstone National Park in the morning: 1 hour at the Norris Geyser Basin Area: Emerald Pool, Steamboat Geyser, Porcelain Terrace; 1 hour at the Canyon Area: Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Upper Falls and Lower Falls; 20 minutes at the Mud Volcano and Dragon Mouth Spring, 50 Minutes at the West Thumb Geyser Basin Area by Yellowstone Lake side: Beautiful Yellowstone Lake. Abyss Pool, Black Pool, Fishing Cone, etc. Taking the route alongside Snake River to reach Grand Teton National Park, we are going to make several stops in the park and Depending on the weather conditions, you can choose to take a boat trip on Jenny Lake (optional fee). we will also visit the unique arch gates made by elk antlers in the famous cowboy town of Jackson. Finally, we arrive at the Yellowstone Bear World, a privately-owned wildlife park. Lodging in Idaho.

Day 4 Idaho falls > 220 miles > Salt Lake City > 270 miles > Bryce Canyon
In the morning, we will visit the Hills Air Force Museum, one of the biggest air museum in USA; the Great Salt Lake, which covers the area as big as 1700 square miles. Arrive in Salt Lake City around noon. We will pass by places such as the Utah State Capitol, the Temple Square and the Eagle Gate Monument. In the afternoon, we will reach Bryce Canyon National Park. This unique geological structure is a natural amphitheater filled with multi-colored spire-shaped rocks. Lodging in Utah.

Day 5 Bryce > 160 miles > Lake Powell > 10 miles > Horseshoe Bend > 10 miles > Antelope Canyon(Upper Antelope) > 130 miles > Zion National Park > 80 miles > Kanab
First, we head to Lake Powell. You can take a boat ride (optional fee) to view the beautiful Lake Powell Canyon. And then it's off to the famous Horseshoe Bend, where the emerald-green Colorado River makes a giant 270° meander around the red horseshoe-shaped bend in the canyon. Our next stop is Upper Antelope Canyon, where you can ride on jeeps driven by the local Navajo natives into the canyon's dreamlike caves (optional fee). Then we will drive to Zion National Park. The name originates from Hebrew, meaning a sacred, serene place. Zion is a magnificent showcase of geology with some of the tallest sandstone cliffs in the world. Later in the day, we will go to the Cowboy Studios (optional fee), where you can also enjoy cowboy-style meals. Lodging in Utah.

Day 6 Kanab > 55 miles > Grand Canyon North Rim > 180 miles > Las Vegas
We will head to Grand Canyon North Rim, which has the highest point (8,803 feet) in the whole Grand Canyon, we will visit the classic North Rim view, walk the paved trail out to Bright Angel Point, the trail is steel in places, with drop-offs and stairs, but provides dramatic views into Roaring Springs and Bright Angel Canyons. (We will replace North Rim with South Rim while North Rim closed). We then leave for Las Vegas, arriving in the afternoon. You can join a guided tour to experience the beauty of Las Vegas. Optional activities include Night Tour, and one of the shows offered (optional fee).
*Grand Canyon North Rim will only open from 5/15-10/15, we will replace Grand Canyon North Rim with Zion National Park while North Rim closed or due to uncertain driving condition.

Day 7   Las Vegas >270 miles> Los Angeles
Depart for Los Angeles in the morning, one of the biggest cities of the West Coast. Our city tour will take you to famous places, such as the Chinese Theatre, the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, and Olvera Street for Mexican culture. We will pass by Walt Disney Concert Hall and Chinatown. Lodging in Los Angeles.
Hotel: Holiday Inn La Mirada or Similar

Day 8   Choose from Disneyland Or  San Diego Tour
[Option A - Disneyland Park or Disney's California Adventure Park (Optional)]   
[Disneyland Park]
Immerse yourself in tales from some of your favorite Disney films: visit Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, New Orleans Square, Adventureland, Critter Country, Mickey’s Toontown and Frontierland. You will have enough time for the world's famous park parade and fireworks show.
[Disney's California Adventure Park]
It is the only place in the world where the Disney magic meets California fun. It features Golden State, Hollywood Picture Backlot, Paradise Pier and “a bug’s land.” You can enjoy the exceptional Pixar-themed parade and the white-knuckle roller coasters.

[Option B - Disneyland Park + Disney's California Adventure Park (Optional: One Day - Two Parks Hopper Ticket)]

* To people who choose to go to Disney, our tour guide will keep company with you in the morning, and you will have whole afternoon to look around and enjoy those attractions inside Disney by yourself.

[Option C - San Diego Tour (Optional Fee) + Sea World (Optional Fee)]  

Our beautiful day tour starts by visiting Coronado Island, which is home to the famous Hotel del Coronado. Built in 1888, the iconic hotel has featured in movies and books, and has attracted a host of well-known guests, including U.S. presidents and countless celebrities. Continuing on city tour, we will visit the Old Town to see the historical sites of San Diego.
Around noon, visit the world’s most popular marine life park -- Sea World. Watch a variety of incredible shows performed by killer whales, penguins, sea lions, dolphins, and much more! You can also enjoy exciting rides like “Shipwreck Rapids,”“Journey to Atlantis,” and “Wild Arctic Ride.” Return to same hotel in LA.

[Option D - San Diego Tour (Optional Fee) + Balboa Park (Free Activities)]  

After the San Diego City Tour, You can choose to board San Diego Harbor Cruise (Optional fee)for sightseeing around the bay. Later on, you can enjoy your free time in Balboa Park, the largest urban cultural park full of museums, gardens and theatres. Return to the same hotel in LA.
Hotel: Holiday Inn La Mirada or Similar

Day 9   Universal Studios (Optional Fee) 30 miles
The world-famous theme park dedicated to show you the magic of film-making. Go behind-the-scenes on the legendary Studio Tour to explore where Hollywood movies are made and experience the largest movie set street expansion in Hollywood history. Don’t miss the latest rides, such as King Kong 360 3D, Transformer, and Shrek 4D! (Universal Studios admission ticket not included).
Hotel: Holiday Inn La Mirada or Similar

Day 10   Los Angeles >360 miles> Hometown
We will pass by UCLA, one of the top universities in the world, then enter Beverly Hills through Sunset Blvd. Beverly Hills is the favorite shopping place for the Hollywood stars. Visit Rodeo Drive and Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, famous from the movie "Pretty Woman." We'll Stop by the famous Santa Monica beach and the pier. Our tour bus will then head back to the bay area.
*Guests can end their tour early for their flights back to their hometown. (Transportation to LAX is not included.)

Day 1 舊金山灣區 Bay Area > 93 miles > 加州首府 Sacramento > 420 miles > 愛可市 Elko
乘坐旅遊巴士從舊金山灣區出發, 前往加州首府沙加緬度【州政府】,後進入內華達州。夜宿愛可市。

Day 2 愛可市 Elko > 430 miles > 黃石國家公園 Yellowstone National Park
前往美國第一個國家公園【黃石公園】,途徑蛇河峽谷,隨巴士進入【黃石熊世界】讓淘氣的黑熊、棕熊和 其它可愛的野生動物隔窗與您打個招呼。繼而進入【黃石公園】,這個古老火山高原,也是全美最大的野生 動物保留區,四處可見清澈溪水潺潺流過、如茵草地漫山遍野,野牛麋鹿閒庭信步。更有數之不盡的溫泉和 噴泉散布其間。遊覽【上間歇泉盆地景區】(Upper Geyser Basin)碧綠清澈的溫泉,粉白相間的泥漿油漆鍋 (Fountain Paint Pot),永不停息的噴泉,隆隆巨響的蒸汽噴口,停留時間約30分鐘,【中間歇泉盆地景區】 (Midway Geyser Basin)遊覽【大棱鏡彩虹泉】(Grand Prismatic Spring)【刨花池】(Excelsior Geyser)、【綠松石 溫泉】(Turquoise Pool)、【礦泉梯】,停留時間約40分鐘。震撼心靈的【老忠實噴泉】(Old Faithful) ,停留 時間約50分鐘。夜宿黃石公園門口酒店。

Day 3 黃石國家公園 Yellowstone National Park > 77 miles > 大提頓國家公園 Grand Teton National Park > 110 miles > 愛德華瀑布 Idaho falls
再次進入【黃石國家公園】遊覽【諾裏斯間歇泉景區】包括翡翠池,蒸汽船噴泉,包彩繽紛的瓷盆景區,停留時間約1小時。【黃石大峽谷景區】(Grand Canyon of Yellowstone)秀麗壯觀色彩豐富的黃石大峽谷,氣勢千鈞的上、下黃石大瀑布(Upper Falls & Lower Falls),停留時間約1小時。遊覽【泥漿火山】(Mud Volcano)【龍口溫泉】(Dragon mouth Spring),黃石湖邊的【西拇指溫泉景區】,水天一色的黃石湖風光,碧綠清澈的深淵溫泉(Abyss Pool),蔚藍色的黑池(Black Pool),黃石湖中的煮魚溫泉(Fishing Cone),停留時間約50分鐘。沿著蛇河南行進入【大提頓國家公園】,【傑克遜湖】停留時間約20分鐘,倒影如鏡的【牛角灣】(Oxbow Bend)停留時間約20分鐘,也可以在【珍妮湖】上遊船 (自費),慢慢品味沿岸的重巒疊嶂。隨後來到有西部牛仔城鎮之稱的傑克森市,在山明水秀的傑克森鹿茸公園小憩。夜宿愛德華瀑布市。

Day 4 愛德華瀑布 Idaho falls > 220 miles > 鹽湖城 Salt Lake City > 270 miles > 布萊斯峽谷 Bryce Canyon

Day 5 布萊斯 > 160 miles > 包偉湖 Lake Powell > 10 miles > 馬蹄灣 Horseshoe Bend > 10 miles > 羚羊彩穴(上羚羊谷) Antelope Canyon(Upper Antelope) > 80 miles > 卡納布 Kanab

Day 6 卡納布 Kanab > 55 miles > 大峽谷北緣 Grand Canyon North Rim > 83 miles > 錫安公園 Zion National Park > 180 miles > 拉斯維加斯 Las Vegas
稍後前往共277英哩長及1英哩深的自然奇跡--大峽谷國家公園, 北大峽谷海拔為大峽谷國家公園之最高,冬季因降雪關閉,每年從5月開始僅開放5個月,更有著著名景點:光亮天使點(Bright Angel Point)可一氣呵成飽覽大自然令人瞠目結舌的鬼斧神工。(北大峽谷閉園期間將改由南大峽谷行程代替)下午返回拉斯維加斯,可(自費)參加夜遊或歌舞秀。

Day 7   拉斯維加斯 Las Vegas >270 miles> 洛杉磯 Los Angeles
乘車前往洛杉磯後隨即展開市區觀光。漫步在聞名遐邇的好萊塢【星光大道】、位置顯赫的【中國戲院】以及遍佈奧斯卡巨星的手印和腳印的金像獎典禮頒獎地【杜比劇院】。參觀具有濃厚墨西哥色彩的 【墨西哥廣場】Olvera Street。途經好萊塢露天劇場、迪士尼音樂廳與中國城。
酒店: Holiday Inn La Mirada 或同級

Day 8   迪士尼樂園 Disney trip 或 聖地牙哥 San Diego Trip(自費選項)
[方案A - 迪士尼樂園 Disneyland 或 加州探險樂園 California Adventure Park(自費)]    12 miles

[方案 B - 迪士尼樂園 Disneyland + 加州探險樂園 California Adventure Park (自費: 1日雙樂園特票)]

[方案C - 聖地牙哥遊 San Diego City Tour(自費) + 海洋世界 Sea World(自費)]    105 miles
早晨前往聖地牙哥,遊覽【科羅納多島】是太平洋中最迷人的度假勝地之一,有著無敵的海景和細密的沙灘。 在科羅納多島,你一定要拜訪科羅納多酒店。建於1888年的科羅納多酒店是全世界第一個五星級酒店。它的出名可不僅僅是豪華奢侈的裝飾,更值得關注的是曾經下榻酒店的那些名人們。繼續遊覽【古城】,隨後遊覽【海洋世界】主題公園。不可錯失的殺人鯨歷險秀和海豚、 海狮、海獭以及企鵝等海洋動物精彩表演。公園內還有激流勇進、瘋狂過山車及“狂野北極”等刺激好玩的遊藝設施和海洋主題展覽,正可謂寓教於樂。傍晚返回洛杉磯。

[方案D - 聖地牙哥遊 San Diego City Tour (自費) + 巴爾波亞公園 Balboa Park(自由活動)]   105 miles

酒店: Holiday Inn La Mirada 或同級

Day 9   環球影城 Universal Studios (自費) 30 miles
全日參觀好萊塢佔地420英畝擁有五十多個攝影棚的【環球影城】,盡情沉浸在僅存在於好萊塢大片中的場景。現場觀賞“水世界大戰”,“荒野西部”的真人特级表演。 體驗“變形金剛”, “SHREK 4D”等歎為觀止的特技遊戲。以及全新的“哈利波特魔法世界”。(不包含環球影城門票)
酒店: Holiday Inn La Mirada 或同級

Day 10   洛杉磯 Los Angeles >360 miles> 舊金山灣區 San Francisco 或 or 原居地 Hometown


Pick-up Location


庫比梯諾 Cupertino

10122 Bandley Dr.  (Marina Foods 永和超市 - 品客多門口)


聖荷西 San Jose

1688 Hostetter Road  (99 Ranch Market 大華99超市 門口)


佛利蒙 Fremont

46196 Warm Springs Blvd.  (Marina Foods 永和超市門口)


利弗莫爾   Livermore

2774 Livermore Outlets Dr (名牌折扣購物中心巴士停車區)


伯靈格姆   Burlingame

777 Airport Blvd.  (Red Roof Inn 紅房頂旅館大堂)


密爾布瑞   Millbrae

199 California Dr. #199  (Millbrae 火車站 / Bart 站旁)


三藩市  San Francisco

291 Geary & Powell, Union Square  (聯合廣場 面對 Macy's 門口)


屋侖 Oakland

718 Franklin Street ( Ruby King Bakery Cafe 金寶石餅家門口)


- 空調豪華商務車
- 經濟型酒店(房間以兩張雙人床為主,第三第四人同房不另加床)
- 專業導遊
- 國家公園首道門票


必需每人付 $100 費用項目: 黃石公園,大提頓國家公園,大鹽湖,空軍博物館,布萊斯峽谷,馬蹄灣,格蘭水壩,大峽谷北緣,錫安公園

拉斯維加斯夜遊: 大人 $35 / 小孩 (12歲以下) $25

拉斯維加斯大型歌舞秀: 普通座$90 / 貴賓座 VIP $110
KÀ秀: 普通座$160 / 貴賓座 VIP $180
Le Rêve秀: 普通座$160 / 貴賓座 VIP $180
環球影城: 大人 $105-$110 / 小孩(3-9歲 )$99-$104(價格請以實際確認為準)
迪士尼或探險樂園: 大人 $96-$134 / 小孩 (3-9歲) $90-$126 (價格請以實際確認為準)
迪士尼+探險樂園 1日雙樂園: 大人 $154-$168 / 小孩(3-9歲)$148-$162(價格請以實際確認為準)
聖地牙哥一天遊+海洋世界: 大人 $140 / 小孩(12歲下)$130
聖地牙哥一天遊+巴爾波亞花園: 大人 $65 / 小孩(12歲下12)$55 (可額外添加海灣遊輪大人 $22/小孩 (3-9歲)$11)
上羚羊彩穴: 大人 $68 / 小孩(0-11歲 under 11) $58
包偉湖: 大人 $48 / 小孩 (12歲以下)$35
牛仔餐: 大人 $25 / 小孩 (12歲以下)$15
珍妮湖遊船: $20(大人小孩同價)

- 行程中所有餐飲費用(旅行途中導遊可以安排膳食,自費)
- 所有私人性質的花費(例如購物費用、電話費、收費電視等等)
- 導遊與司機的小費,需另行以現金的方式
在車上支付給導遊。* 若涉及接送機服務,需額外支付小費*

- 個人旅遊健康保險
- 本公司保留更改行程及價格之權利,恕不另行通告,請報名時查詢詳情
- 所有自費活動之收費以當地供應或主辦公司為準

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